Welcome to the Shire

I spent the day on the verge of tears, trying super hard to hold it together as I achieved a life dream which not everyone will understand. We headed to Matamata today which is home to Hobbiton, the Shire!

This place is like no other, brilliantly green and full of so many different kinds of flowers, trees, and bushes. The attention to detail is astonishing as they have created little stories for each of the homes and decorated them as such. Everything also looks so lived in, the grass is overgrown in places and the paths seem like they have been used for decades.

If you’re anything like me, you grew up with Lord of the Rings, both the movies and the books. These stories have played a large part in my life and have helped me get through the tough times I’ve had over the past couple years. I even have a quote from them tattooed on my arm.

This was just one of the most surreal moments I have had during my trip yet, I kept thinking I would wake up and be back home. I’ve met all these wonderful people and done all these things I only dreamed of and I am actually doing them, not writing them up while daydreaming.

Tim and I

We wandered through the entirety of Hobbiton; going up to Bag End, down to Bagshot Row, through the Party Field and ending at the Green Dragon where we had a drink of our choice and took in the last moments of the Shire.

Bag End
Bagshot Row (Sam’s House)
The Party Tree

I took many cheesy and tourist-like photos but they all turned out wonderful, as if you could take bad photos of such a beautiful place.

The Iconic Bridge
Tim, Alice, and I

Even if this sounds sad or cliche, this is the first time in a while that I’ve felt truly happy with everything in my life.

This ended far too quickly for me but that’s okay, tonight we will be staying in a Maori village and I think it will be another intense and emotional experience for me since indigenous people and their beliefs are something I love learning about. I’ll leave you with my favorite shot of the Shire!

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