Day One

After around 30 hours of flying, wandering aimlessly through airports, and being entirely overwhelmed I made it to Christchurch! Still very surreal to actually be sitting about 9,000 miles away from home but everything seems great so far!

As for any adventuring today, it was fairly short and sweet. I’m exhausted from the flights and the time change so I decided to have a quiet day and walk the beach that’s located 2 minutes from where I’m staying. The weather is very different from what I expected, I’m used to North Carolina summers which are very smoldering and humid but New Zealand summers seem much more cool. It was a high of 65 here this afternoon which was absolutely wonderful but much cooler than what I think of peak summer season.

The people I’m staying with are very nice, I’m staying with a teacher from the University I’m going to, her husband, and two super sweet cats. Time to find out if I’m allergic!

Tomorrow I’m going to go into town and see the university I’m staying at and try to get a little idea of what it’s like to navigate around the city. I don’t have too long to settle since I am going on a bus tour starting Friday going until February 9th so I will be packing for that tomorrow as well.

Look forward to updates! I may or may not be able to write much while on this bus tour but will do a massive blog post when I get back to Christchurch with all the amazing experiences! Pictures attached are of my small adventure today!

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